Four for Friday, #2

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One: vintage_vixens

Vintage Vixens is the Instagram account of Reel Dames.  Their feed is dedicated to “Old Hollywood Glam and Classic Fans.”  V.V. posts some great photos of old Hollywood stars and legends and I really like that they don’t post pictures I’ve seen over and over again.  Following Vintage Vixens gives you the opportunity to discover someone new to admire from the past.

Two: vintageglasstherapy

Angela M. is a wonderful source of information about your old glassware.  She has helped me several times.  And…let’s talk about what she finds!  I don’t know where she shops, but damn.  Angela has items in her feed I’ve never seen before.  Some of the items even have their original sales tags and advertising.  I didn’t know that the Fire-King D-handle mugs came in pink until I saw them in her feed.  If you’re a vintage glass lover, as I am, check out vintageglasstherapy.

Three: samisosa16

Samisosa16 is the Instagram feed of Samantha K., the author of Nettle and Honey.  Samantha is an aspiring pin-up model with an eye for the “little things” that make life worth living.  Her posts feature food, diy projects, fashion, clothing and genuinely nice wishes for anyone who happens across her feed.

Four: ronifeelsnostalgic is the feed of Veronika, a self-described “tumbleweed”.  Roni posts photos of her day to day life, which (to an outside observer) looks pretty sweet.  Her style is what I would describe as “modern vintage”.  She appears to be family-oriented and makes some great references to old television shows and movies.  Don’t take this creative soul lightly, she used to be in the air force!

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