Knicknacks, poodle skirts, Frankie and Annette, ’57 Chevys, drive-ins…my little old soul was all about them.  When I think back to all the vintage items I owned as a kid and how I didn’t know what I had…there was this red silk cape in the shape of a heart…a fabulous baton twirler’s uniform… Heaven only knows where those items finally ended up, but I wish I still had them!

You’d think loving vintage would be a passing fancy, something I grew out of, but I continue to be drawn to vintage over anything else.  It’s been, “To Vintage…with love…From, Me. ” for as long as I can remember.

I created Meteor Vintage to share my enthusiasm for vintage fashion, housewares, kitsch and pop culture with others.

Thank you for visiting.  Feel free to ask questions.  I’m happy you’re here!

– Mary Beth

Photo from my wedding day. Putting on costume jewelry earrings I purchased at a garage sale as a child. I’m amazed I was able to keep track of something so small for so long, but I had a yen for costume jewelry even at the age of five.

Portrait by Erin Claire Photography