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Mini Vintage Collection Giveaway

Mini Vintage Collection_640Don’t miss out on the Spring Loop Giveaway I am participating in with Bpaperie, Field and Forest Designs, Miss Mary Margaret and Thistle & Thread Design through tomorrow night (3/21). Go to my Instagram feed (@meteorvintage) and take a look at my last post – the one with mini vintage collection you can win just by liking and hashtagging the photo. Easy!

Spring Loop Giveaway

Promo pic_640Do you follow Meteor Vintage on Instagram (@meteorvintage)? Now, is an excellent time to start! I’ve teamed up with B Paperie, Field & Forest, Miss Mary Margaret and Thistle & Thread Design to bring you a Spring Loop Giveaway! Each shop will be offering you a chance to win a spring-themed giveaway item. It all starts with my feed at 11:00 a.m. EST this Friday, March 20th!


“I Spy” Saturday, #11

Welcome Back! How were your holidays? Alex and I relaxed as much as possible and we’re slowly but surely settling into Louisville.

My current thrift obsession is Bakelite, an early plastic used for everything from radio and telephone casings to kitchenware, jewelry and toys. There’s a trick to Bakelite identification (I use Semichrome polish) and the thrill of finding a piece at a thrift store fills me with a naughty sort of glee since I am a bargain hunter as well as a vintage one. If you are learning how to identify Bakelite through trial and error as I am, the thrift scene is more forgiving of your budget than an antique store is likely to be and you don’t beat yourself up as badly when you make a mistake. Sadly, Louisville’s thrift scene is rather spartan compared to what I became used to in Denver and the pickings have been slim – Bakelite or otherwise. That said, if you’re from Louisville and think there are any thrift or vintage stores I should check out, please let me know via comment or email. I will happily give you credit for your recommendations!

So, have you put together what today’s “I Spy” is about? If you guessed “Vintage Plastic” you are correct. Specifically, “Vintage Plastic Jewelry”. I thought I was becoming a fairly savvy vintage plastic jewelry shopper, but this Instagram post from Anne (@jarekwastaken) gave me pause:

can we talk about this #leastein for a minute? #shortmoney #celluloid #vintagejewelry #vintagebracelets #plasticruleseverythingaroundme #rideitlikeyoustoleit

can we talk about this #leastein for a minute? #shortmoney #celluloid #vintagejewelry #vintagebracelets #plasticruleseverythingaroundme #rideitlikeyoustoleit

Did you know about Lea Stein? I sure didn’t. A quick Wikipedia search taught me that Ms. Stein (1931-) “is a French artist and accessories maker.” Around 1965, her interests turned to plastic and she partnered with her husband, a chemist, to create a unique process of layering thin sheets of plastic, baking them and then cutting them into shapes. This description of Ms. Stein’s process reminds me of how croissant dough is “laminated”. To make croissant dough, layers of dough and butter are alternated, formed into shapes, baked and cooled – a difficult process that can take several days. In Ms. Stein’s case, the thin sheets of plastic can be thought of as the dough and the colors, textures and fabrics can be thought of as the butter. Instead of a few days, Ms. Stein’s process can take as long as six months.

Many of Ms. Stein’s works were created between two periods: The first being 1969 to 1981. This initial grouping is considered to be “vintage” and pieces created from 1991 to the present are considered to be “modern”. Bakelite is among the types of plastic Ms. Stein worked with in the vintage grouping. I don’t know about you, but thinking I might come across a piece that is a Lea Stein and also Bakelite makes it twice as much fun to hunt for these goodies. So, keep an eye out! Ms. Stein’s brooches are named (for example, “Ric the Airedale Terrier”), feature an inscribed clasp and each named design was usually created in more than one variety of color and/or pattern. Lea Stein brooches and bracelets are highly collectible and often sell for hundreds of dollars. Do you own a Lea Stein?

Image via Cynthia

Image via Cynthia

Four for Friday, #3. Now with Pictures! (And an Announcement!)

Puffin Biscuits Instagram with Words 2 and Logo_640

One: vinellenn

Jessica Ellen is a vintage enthusiast out of Melbourne, Australia.  She posts lovely pictures of herself modeling vintage and vintage-inspired fashion and makes references to many classic Hollywood actors and actresses.

So happy with my hair today. The wind better not destroy it or it'll have me to answer to!... So fierce! Lol #vintage #vintagefashion #retro #1950s #1940s #redhead #ginger #luxulite

So happy with my hair today. The wind better not destroy it or it’ll have me to answer to!… So fierce! Lol #vintage #vintagefashion #retro #1950s #1940s #redhead #ginger #luxulite

Two: littlemessymissy

Little Messy Missy is a varied interests blogger with an earthy, homespun style I admire. Featured in the mix is her love of vintage and retro items, advertising and pinups.

#whiskey #bourbon # peaches #vanilla #bean #jam #kitchenwitch #canning #homemade #persevering Making some Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam.

#whiskey #bourbon # peaches #vanilla #bean #jam #kitchenwitch #canning #homemade #persevering Making some Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam.

Three: cosmicyaina

Lenore’s feed is full of beautiful pictures of vintage signs, abandoned buildings and houses. Roadside America at its best!

We have a few Cadillac Motels in Florida. This one is in Sarasota, FL. Some of you #signgeeks may have already loaded this one.

We have a few Cadillac Motels in Florida. This one is in Sarasota, FL. Some of you #signgeeks may have already loaded this one.

Four: tjraygun

My husband was the first to notice TJ Raygun‘s art (featuring the following character) on the walls of Two Rivers Craft Coffee in Arvada, Colorado.  Since then, we’ve come across several other TJ Raygun installations around Denver that we’ve enjoyed.  Art is always best peppered with humor and TJ, who has had showings both nationally and internationally, is excellent at marrying the serious with the sarcastic.

a is for astronaut. #illustration #art #drawing

a is for astronaut. #illustration #art #drawing

This next one is from my own Instagram feed:

My husband, @alex_meece and I will be moving from Denver to Louisville, Kentucky (a few hours from where we're both from) in the next few weeks. I will be happy to be closer to family and friends back home, but it will be hard to leave all the great people we've met here. #denver #kentucky #2014

My husband, @alex_meece and I will be moving from Denver to Louisville, Kentucky (a few hours from where we’re both from) in the next few weeks. I will be happy to be closer to family and friends back home, but it will be hard to leave all the great people we’ve met here. #denver #kentucky #2014

That’s right!  We’re moving!  Though I have some future posts planned in my head, I have a lot to do in order to be ready to move 1,000 miles across the country.  If I go quiet for a little bit, don’t worry!  I’ll be back once we’re settled in our new home!

– Mary Beth

Four for Friday, #2

Puffin Biscuits Instagram with Words 2 and Logo_640

One: vintage_vixens

Vintage Vixens is the Instagram account of Reel Dames.  Their feed is dedicated to “Old Hollywood Glam and Classic Fans.”  V.V. posts some great photos of old Hollywood stars and legends and I really like that they don’t post pictures I’ve seen over and over again.  Following Vintage Vixens gives you the opportunity to discover someone new to admire from the past.

Two: vintageglasstherapy

Angela M. is a wonderful source of information about your old glassware.  She has helped me several times.  And…let’s talk about what she finds!  I don’t know where she shops, but damn.  Angela has items in her feed I’ve never seen before.  Some of the items even have their original sales tags and advertising.  I didn’t know that the Fire-King D-handle mugs came in pink until I saw them in her feed.  If you’re a vintage glass lover, as I am, check out vintageglasstherapy.

Three: samisosa16

Samisosa16 is the Instagram feed of Samantha K., the author of Nettle and Honey.  Samantha is an aspiring pin-up model with an eye for the “little things” that make life worth living.  Her posts feature food, diy projects, fashion, clothing and genuinely nice wishes for anyone who happens across her feed.

Four: ronifeelsnostalgic is the feed of Veronika, a self-described “tumbleweed”.  Roni posts photos of her day to day life, which (to an outside observer) looks pretty sweet.  Her style is what I would describe as “modern vintage”.  She appears to be family-oriented and makes some great references to old television shows and movies.  Don’t take this creative soul lightly, she used to be in the air force!

Four for Friday, #1

Puffin Biscuits Instagram with Words 2 and Logo_640I love Instagram.  I follow over a thousand people who, like me, have vintage and creative interests, want to sell the items they make or curate, reflect on activities of daily living, decorate their homes in interesting ways, eat all the things, have adorable pets and so on and so forth.

I am not alone in my use of ‘Four For Friday’.  There are several blogs that post with this tagline as a means of featuring the most popular ideas related to their page.  While I am sad not to be original in the concept, I thought ‘Four for Friday’ would be a fun way to bring who I follow on Instagram to the forefront of your imagination once a week.  So, in no particular order (thanks to random.org)… Let’s begin!

One: citygirlcountrydreams

Macey doesn’t have a description posted of her Instagram feed, but she posts some beautiful pictures of the vintage she sees and buys.  She has two precious cats and a great eye for vintage.  Check out her pictures from the World’s Longest Yard Sale (#wlys).

Two: mr_rhythm

mr_rhythm is a private Instagram user whom you have to request to follow.  He is a very talented pinstriper and his posts include lots of vintage vehicles, lowriders and details of his work.  He also posts some funny and sweet pictures of his lady and baby.  Proof that the tough can also be tender!

Three: vintagebyrd

Rebekah is an Instagrammer out of Portland, Oregon.  She has an Etsy shop and her posts have a very naturalist/boho quality to them.  There are lots of gauzy, well-composed photos to start you daydreaming in her feed (as well as two very cuddly cats).

Four: 1shotslinger

Devin is another pinstriper (as well as hand letterer, graphic designer and leather tooler!).  He recently completed work on the signage for Ollie’s Barber Shop here in Wash Park, Denver.  His posts contain lots of hot rods, art, vintage lettering, graphics, and logos to enjoy.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

– Mary Beth