Near Death Experience

Every vintage seller when people say, “Where do you find your stuff?” Originally posted by Wildfell Hall on Instagram.

Please forgive my extended absence. Thank you for all of your emails and positive reviews on Instagram (#shopmeteorvintage). After my last post, I had every intention of sharing a classic selling vintage “horror” story with you. I was pretty cheesed off about some things that happened to me at the Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Market (The Fleur de Flea organizers are in no way responsible for what happened and are lovely people) and it seemed like a great story for October. Nothing like a good scary story to kick off the season of spooky even if the scary part is just how people treat each other, right? I was so put off, I seriously considered “ghosting” out of this blog and the vintage world entirely. Just walking away from it all without explanation and hoping that somehow the people who caused me bother that day would know they were responsible and that everyone would understand, but that didn’t feel right. I love vintage and, although I wasn’t sure how to move forward with my passion, I didn’t want to give up on it. Truth be told, I had a middle-class white girl breakdown. I had my hands full at work, friends and family were in devastating circumstances and, as I worried about them, I also worried about what the piles of vintage all over my house were doing to my marriage. I made promises about the mess that I couldn’t keep and tried to hide all of this by joking that I belong on the television show Hoarders when, in actual fact, that’s probably truer that I’d like to admit. I was utterly overwhelmed and feeling sorry for myself. Through it all, my husband waited patiently for me to deliver on my promises, so I worried about the day he woke up and decided he just simply could. not. anymore. I decided to stop dismissing these concerns and start tackling them head-on even if I had no idea what I was doing. Things are good. I’m still really mad about what happened to me (there is a fantastic article illustrating the frustration vintage sellers experience written by the fab Rebekka Adams of Bloomers & Frocks here), but I’m getting over it one sale at a time. See you at Burlington!



First Time in Color

Meteor Vintage’s Space Lady is now in color thanks to her illustrator, Debby Wagner! Look for our new and improved Space Lady banner this Saturday at the Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Market. The Meteor Vintage booth will be chock-full of quality, hand-curated vintage clothing and goods. Stop by and #shopmeteorvintage!spaceLady_1_640

Meteor Vintage Meets the Mayor

Meteor Vintage Meets the Mayor_640As part of the class I took in February, Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer, held a press conference to get to know class participants. I’ll admit to being a little star struck. Mayor Fischer has a strong interest in entrepreneurship, its impact on Louisville and the potential it holds for ending local poverty. I have a lot of respect for that.

I learned so much in class. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on by truly getting my Etsy store up and running. More about that soon! In the meantime, here is an article about our class and its press conference by Jamie Sears-Rawlings of Louisville Distilled.

Hard at Work

In October, I unexpectedly began a job in my career field. It has been the most wonderful blessing, but you may have noticed I’ve been absent from my blog. Am I still doing vintage? Most definitely!

They say that anything worth doing is worth doing well and, to that end, I started taking an Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Class through the Louisville Metro Dept of Economic Development. The class is three weeks long and Jordan Kavuma from Thistle & Thread Design is our instructor. She’s been great and the class has taught me so much already. You may remember Jordan from the Spring Loop Giveaway several of us did together last spring.CEP_640

I’ve built up a pile of vintage goodies this winter that I’m looking forward to listing.

Stay tuned for some sneak peaks!


Shop Meteor Vintage

March kicked off the fair, festival and flea market season here in Louisville and I’ve been chugging along with one right after another. This month, you’ll have twice the opportunity to shop Meteor Vintage. Join me at The Flea Off Market this Saturday, October 10th and the following Saturday, October 17th at the Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Market!Save the Dates October 2015_640Your business if greatly appreciated. I feel blessed by every person who shops my booth and I love putting my finds into the hands of excited customers! If you’ve made a purchase from me, I’d enjoy seeing where it ended up in your home. Just tag your images #shopmeteorvintage on Instagram. Thank you!Shop Meteor Vintage_640

A Beginner’s Guide to E-Z Ups

A while back I posted a list of 10 Trade Show Tips for Beginners, but I learn something new at each show and thought I’d share some of what I learned during my first Flea Off Market, a monthly event here in Louisville, through a series of posts. Today’s topic is E-Z Ups. I recognize that E-Z Ups might seem dull as a topic, but when I was hunting for information on them I had trouble finding anything useful. Here’s hoping I’m saving you a similar hassle!

E-Z Ups are not made alike. Prior to this April, my first and only outdoor sale was in Denver. Back then, I borrowed an E-Z Up and didn’t think too much about it. A few weeks before the April Flea Off, my husband and I were tooling around a sporting goods store when he noticed they were having a sale on E-Z Ups. For $49.99, you could get a 10 x 10 slant leg E-Z Up whose carrier was on wheels. Trouble was, I could not decide on a color. The options were bright! Bright! Bright. I wanted a plain, white E-Z Up. I’m not sure why that’s the “unicorn” of the E-Z Up world, but I’m here to say that white E-Z Ups are hard to find and, when you do find one, they’re expensive. I finally found one for $69.99 at a discount department store chain. It was 8 x 10, had straight legs and no wheels on its carrier, but I was satisfied.

That was until I got to the show and realized I had foolishly waited until the day of the event to try out my new E-Z Up.

I noticed immediately that the quality of this E-Z Up was lacking. I don’t think it was evident to my patrons, but straight out of the box, I knew the nylon canopy of my discount store E-Z Up was not going to last over several shows. The material (and even the steel of the structure it went on) was much thinner than other E-Z Ups I had seen. So, it was returned to the store where it was purchased. Afterward, I headed to the sporting goods store in the hopes they would still have the E-Z Ups my husband had seen for $49.99. And they did! Plus, they had a color I had not noticed before…Khaki! Khaki is sort of like white, right? Sure it is! I thought I had made a decision until I saw the ever sleek and classy black. My husband at work, I stood in the store for no less than 45 minutes trying to, yet again, decide on a color. Would black draw heat? Would it show dirt? Would tan let too much light in and be as hot as a darker color? I talked to sales people. I called everyone I could imagine would have an opinion to offer. I Googled. Here’s what I learned: Although we learned in grade school that dark colors attract heat, it isn’t as though you are wearing the E-Z Up canopy against your skin. Since the canopy is above you it should, technically, draw the heat up and away from you. That said, it was recommended that you find an E-Z Up with a vented top to let that heat out. Science aside, I wanted to know what someone who had actually used a dark canopied E-Z Up had to say, but I couldn’t get a hold of anyone on the phone. Though my gut said “KHAKI!”, my style side bought the black. I rolled home still waffling back and forth in my imagination between the khaki and the black. That’s when I received a call from Robyn. “You will hate the black canopy,” she said. Having done shows with a navy canopy in the past, she explained that if an event day wasn’t sunny it was going to be dark inside of my tent. “If your event goes into the evening, you’re going to need lights.” Poop. I had just pulled into my driveway, so I turned around to take the black E-Z Up back and buy the khaki.

I’d like to tell you that that’s where the drama of my E-Z Up ends, but there’s more. Here’s another reason to have a little practice session with your E-Z Up: As I set up the new one, I noticed that the canopy had little holes in it all along the underside that looked like cigarette burns. I assumed these were a manufacturer’s defect since the E-Z Up had (presumably) never been out of the box, but if I hadn’t given it a test run I would have been stuck with it. My husband thinks the holes were where someone had used the E-Z Up over a campfire and returned it to the store before I bought it.

I have lugged this thing hither and yon how many times now and haven’t done a show with it yet? But now it’s been tested (i.e. set up in the backyard) and is ready to go for the next Flea Off Market. Come and see me and my E-Z Up (I feel like I should give it a name at this point) at The Flea Off Market, June 6th!



Mini Vintage Collection Giveaway

Mini Vintage Collection_640Don’t miss out on the Spring Loop Giveaway I am participating in with Bpaperie, Field and Forest Designs, Miss Mary Margaret and Thistle & Thread Design through tomorrow night (3/21). Go to my Instagram feed (@meteorvintage) and take a look at my last post – the one with mini vintage collection you can win just by liking and hashtagging the photo. Easy!