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Merry and Bright

Space Age Santa 2014_3_640

December 1954 issue of Science Fiction

November saw Alex and I moving into a rental house built in 1951 that set my mid-century dreams into orbit. I was really excited to live in this house, but I’ve been thrown by the frequency in which something has leaked, been left dirty, damaged or not working properly since we moved in. It took four tries over the past two weeks to get the internet up and running for any consecutive amount of time and I am only now beginning to trust (so to speak) that we are back on the grid and able to get settled in without pausing for workmen to trample all over the place. I intend to touch on the move and (good parts of the) house more in future posts. To say the least, moving cross-country in November is not ideal and it was a far from genius move to pick a place in this condition as the one I wanted to be our home in a new town.

I want to thank everyone for your interest and support in 2014. In the new year, I want to continue to blog, not just about vintage – though that will always be my primary focus – but about my life, loved-ones, wellness and reflections. I’m looking forward to it and hope you are too. See you in 2015!Space Age Santa_A_320_Words

– Mary Beth