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Four for Friday, #3. Now with Pictures! (And an Announcement!)

Puffin Biscuits Instagram with Words 2 and Logo_640

One: vinellenn

Jessica Ellen is a vintage enthusiast out of Melbourne, Australia.  She posts lovely pictures of herself modeling vintage and vintage-inspired fashion and makes references to many classic Hollywood actors and actresses.

So happy with my hair today. The wind better not destroy it or it'll have me to answer to!... So fierce! Lol #vintage #vintagefashion #retro #1950s #1940s #redhead #ginger #luxulite

So happy with my hair today. The wind better not destroy it or it’ll have me to answer to!… So fierce! Lol #vintage #vintagefashion #retro #1950s #1940s #redhead #ginger #luxulite

Two: littlemessymissy

Little Messy Missy is a varied interests blogger with an earthy, homespun style I admire. Featured in the mix is her love of vintage and retro items, advertising and pinups.

#whiskey #bourbon # peaches #vanilla #bean #jam #kitchenwitch #canning #homemade #persevering Making some Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam.

#whiskey #bourbon # peaches #vanilla #bean #jam #kitchenwitch #canning #homemade #persevering Making some Vanilla Bourbon Peach Jam.

Three: cosmicyaina

Lenore’s feed is full of beautiful pictures of vintage signs, abandoned buildings and houses. Roadside America at its best!

We have a few Cadillac Motels in Florida. This one is in Sarasota, FL. Some of you #signgeeks may have already loaded this one.

We have a few Cadillac Motels in Florida. This one is in Sarasota, FL. Some of you #signgeeks may have already loaded this one.

Four: tjraygun

My husband was the first to notice TJ Raygun‘s art (featuring the following character) on the walls of Two Rivers Craft Coffee in Arvada, Colorado.  Since then, we’ve come across several other TJ Raygun installations around Denver that we’ve enjoyed.  Art is always best peppered with humor and TJ, who has had showings both nationally and internationally, is excellent at marrying the serious with the sarcastic.

a is for astronaut. #illustration #art #drawing

a is for astronaut. #illustration #art #drawing

This next one is from my own Instagram feed:

My husband, @alex_meece and I will be moving from Denver to Louisville, Kentucky (a few hours from where we're both from) in the next few weeks. I will be happy to be closer to family and friends back home, but it will be hard to leave all the great people we've met here. #denver #kentucky #2014

My husband, @alex_meece and I will be moving from Denver to Louisville, Kentucky (a few hours from where we’re both from) in the next few weeks. I will be happy to be closer to family and friends back home, but it will be hard to leave all the great people we’ve met here. #denver #kentucky #2014

That’s right!  We’re moving!  Though I have some future posts planned in my head, I have a lot to do in order to be ready to move 1,000 miles across the country.  If I go quiet for a little bit, don’t worry!  I’ll be back once we’re settled in our new home!

– Mary Beth

Pop-Up Culture

Around this time last year, I started participating in pop-up markets.  I had no idea what I was doing and flew by the seat of my pants through the first few.  Back then, I wrote a post with “tips” for other sellers, but let’s not kid ourselves, those tips were as much for me as they were for you guys because I was still as much a newbie as anyone else.  A year later, I’ve learned a few things (through trial and error mostly) and I’m starting to feel more relaxed about the process of public selling.

A lot of people ask me what kind of stuff I sell and, really, I sell just about anything vintage if it has caught my eye, is in good condition and easy to transport.  I look for things I know people want and quality products are always in vogue.  In a disposable culture, such as what we have today, I believe that’s why there has been a return to vintage.  People want items that don’t wear out in a week.  Everything old is new again and many people want to learn the skills their grandparents had.  In one of the photos below, there is a great shot of a gentleman who purchased a vintage Gem-O-Matic safety razor from me.  His interest prompted a discussion among the men at the sale about shaving the way their grandfathers did and what you need to know to do it right (without shredding your face!) .

At every sale, I get asked if I have a brick and mortar store.  Nope.  Selling vintage is something I do for fun in my free time.  I’ve sold a bit through Instagram and I aspire to begin selling through Etsy, but I like selling at pop-ups best of all.

To further your idea of what I sell and what a sale is like, I thought I would share some photos and a video from the trunk show I did on September 14th.  These were taken by Christian Anderson of Penamora Photo who was kind enough to do some shots for me of the event since, as usual, I forgot something in all my preparation…my camera!

Mary Meece web 001_640Mary Meece web 002_640Mary Meece web 003_640Mary Meece web 004_640Mary Meece web 005_640Mary Meece web 006_640Mary Meece web 007_640Mary Meece web 008_640Mary Meece web 009_640Mary Meece web 010_640Mary Meece web 011_640

“Ew!” is for the Way You Look at Me

In a previous post, I mentioned that Halloween is my favorite holiday, so finding these Halloween-themed valentines during a recent search was too fun not to share!

What would Halloween-themed valentines be without owl valentines to adore?

And finally…there are these questionable (often meat-themed?) valentines:

Not scary enough?  Well, I did find out that the 13th Floor Haunted House is hosting a Valentine’s weekend haunted house.  A “candlelit night of horror” is not my thing, but I look forward to hearing about it from friends who are going.

How’d I do?  After all, IValentine Aim to PleaseHave a great Valentine’s Day and don’t do anything devilish…like buy me any of these frightening cards!

*All images were sourced from Pinterest.

I Want to be First

Don’t forget…this Saturday is the SweetheART Market and Meteor Vintage wants to be the first place you shop for Valentine’s Day!Valentine I Want To Be First_500

Like vintage valentines?  Stop by the Meteor Vintage Facebook page where I’m posting space related valentines courtesy of Pinterest!

Downton Sundays

I have come across something rather wonderful that I’m excited to share with you – especially if you sew!

On Friday night, my husband and I popped into Fancy Tiger Crafts and my eyes were drawn to this: (pardon the quality of the photo, my phone is acting up)Downton_400eVINTAGEpatterns has created Downton Abbey style patterns to coordinate with Downton Abbey fabric by Andover.  The 1920’s are in full swing what with last year’s Gatsby and now Downton entering this time period.  1920’s memorabilia can be difficult to find so, creating it yourself makes a terrific option.  It is rumored that some of the pieces used on Downton Abbey are authentic and, therefore, not able to be washed.  Imagining the cast in beautiful, but stinky 1920’s era gowns creates quite a picture, doesn’t it?  I don’t see Maggie Smith tolerating that, do you?

Image courtesy of eVINTAGEpatterns on Etsy

Image courtesy of eVINTAGEpatterns on Etsy

Candidness aside, eVINTAGEpatterns offers beautifully illustrated pattern booklets from the 1920’s thru the 1970’s.  Loveliness like this is not to be missed!


2D to 3D

Happy New Year!  I’m stealing a hashtag from Instagram today to bring you my latest sale information.  I learned the tag from @jasondominy, a swell guy who posts very useful and (often yummy) pictures and information.  Point is, 2D to 3D is when you meet someone in real life whom you follow on social media.  Well, here’s an opportunity to meet and shop Meteor Vintage as well as several other great local vendors on February 8th:Sweetheart_market_400

There is also a Facebook page for the SweetheART Market here.  Please join the Facebook page and share this information so that we can have as many folks there as possible shopping for their sweethearts.  Solo for Valentine’s Day?  Trust me, with the deals at these events there are lots of good-looking single ladies and men of various ages out shopping whom you may meet over a vintage Fire-King coffee mug, artisan marshmallow, terrarium, wine charm or one-of-a kind handmade item.  Or, let me match you with the vintage item you’ve been looking for!  Mention this post and get 10% off one item with me the day of the event.  I’d love to meet you!

Handmade at The Hall

Did you miss the opportunity to shop with me last weekend? Good news! I have another booth coming up on Saturday the 14th! Come see me 10:00a-5:00p at The EXDO Hall, 3545 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado.

“Up to 65 local artists, crafters and small businesses will be setting up shop at The Hall to help you finish up your holiday shopping list while you nosh on tasty treats from some of Denver’s best food trucks! Support your local economy, buy great gifts & enjoy a stress free shopping experience away from the big-box stores… how can you go wrong!?!” (quote courtesy of the Denver Post) Handmade at the Hall flyer 2_400

Handmade Flyer 1_300