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One Heart, One Hand

I’d like to tell you a little bit about where my recent Meteor Vintage logos came from.  I am lucky enough to have a friend (with an extreme amount of patience) who has been there for me through the years as both my friend and my “partner in crime”.  Through my many harebrained schemes, project ideas and (sometimes) tears, she has never once complained.  To have a friend who can give substance, form and detail to your ideas is a rare treat.  I consider Debby Wagner to be, not only a fantastic artist, but one of my very best friends.

by Debby Wagner

by Debby Wagner


by Debby Wagner

Debby comes by her artistic talent honestly.  Her grandmother was Mary Dorman Lardie, an artist for Hallmark whose career as a greeting card writer and illustrator spanned more than 60 years.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mary at her home in Traverse City, Michigan one summer when I was in high school.  She was in her eighties at the time and every bit the character she had been described as by her family.  I enjoy the Wagner women for their sense of humor and, after meeting Mary, it was easy to see where that came from.

Debby (pictured right) was my Maid of Honor.  She and her mother sewed the dress she is wearing in this photo  from a re-issued vintage pattern.

Debby (pictured right) was my Maid of Honor. She and her mother sewed the dress she is wearing in this photo from a re-issued vintage sewing pattern.  Photo by Erin Claire Photography.  Hair and styling by Miana Cornell, Hive Salon.

Mary wrote, designed and illustrated over 8,000 cards in her career, more than half of which were published by Hallmark.  A Google search for Mary Dorman cards and items often takes you to eBay or Etsy, where pieces from her popular 1950’s teen line can still be found.  I frequently search through old postcards at antique stores hoping to find one of Mary’s designs, such as the patriotic ones that follow.

Happy Independence Day!

by Mary Dorman

by Mary Dorman

by Mary Dorman

by Mary Dorman

“I Spy” Saturday, #7

The 1920’s are hot again for the first time since 1974, Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. Therefore, it was no surprise to “spy” the following on a friend’s Facebook page. Admittedly, I am a Guns N’ Roses fan and would typically mock modern reinventions of the things I remember from my youth. However, this interpretation of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is far from modern unless by “modern” you mean “Thoroughly” and “Millie”. Congratulations to Postmodern Jukebox and Miche Braden!

Ayun Halliday at Open Culture wrote a fantastic article featuring this video and its creators. It is worth the read and can be found here.

2D to 3D

Happy New Year!  I’m stealing a hashtag from Instagram today to bring you my latest sale information.  I learned the tag from @jasondominy, a swell guy who posts very useful and (often yummy) pictures and information.  Point is, 2D to 3D is when you meet someone in real life whom you follow on social media.  Well, here’s an opportunity to meet and shop Meteor Vintage as well as several other great local vendors on February 8th:Sweetheart_market_400

There is also a Facebook page for the SweetheART Market here.  Please join the Facebook page and share this information so that we can have as many folks there as possible shopping for their sweethearts.  Solo for Valentine’s Day?  Trust me, with the deals at these events there are lots of good-looking single ladies and men of various ages out shopping whom you may meet over a vintage Fire-King coffee mug, artisan marshmallow, terrarium, wine charm or one-of-a kind handmade item.  Or, let me match you with the vintage item you’ve been looking for!  Mention this post and get 10% off one item with me the day of the event.  I’d love to meet you!

Handmade at The Hall

Did you miss the opportunity to shop with me last weekend? Good news! I have another booth coming up on Saturday the 14th! Come see me 10:00a-5:00p at The EXDO Hall, 3545 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado.

“Up to 65 local artists, crafters and small businesses will be setting up shop at The Hall to help you finish up your holiday shopping list while you nosh on tasty treats from some of Denver’s best food trucks! Support your local economy, buy great gifts & enjoy a stress free shopping experience away from the big-box stores… how can you go wrong!?!” (quote courtesy of the Denver Post) Handmade at the Hall flyer 2_400

Handmade Flyer 1_300