Near Death Experience

Every vintage seller when people say, “Where do you find your stuff?” Originally posted by Wildfell Hall on Instagram.

Please forgive my extended absence. Thank you for all of your emails and positive reviews on Instagram (#shopmeteorvintage). After my last post, I had every intention of sharing a classic selling vintage “horror” story with you. I was pretty cheesed off about some things that happened to me at the Fleur de Flea Vintage Urban Market (The Fleur de Flea organizers are in no way responsible for what happened and are lovely people) and it seemed like a great story for October. Nothing like a good scary story to kick off the season of spooky even if the scary part is just how people treat each other, right? I was so put off, I seriously considered “ghosting” out of this blog and the vintage world entirely. Just walking away from it all without explanation and hoping that somehow the people who caused me bother that day would know they were responsible and that everyone would understand, but that didn’t feel right. I love vintage and, although I wasn’t sure how to move forward with my passion, I didn’t want to give up on it. Truth be told, I had a middle-class white girl breakdown. I had my hands full at work, friends and family were in devastating circumstances and, as I worried about them, I also worried about what the piles of vintage all over my house were doing to my marriage. I made promises about the mess that I couldn’t keep and tried to hide all of this by joking that I belong on the television show Hoarders when, in actual fact, that’s probably truer that I’d like to admit. I was utterly overwhelmed and feeling sorry for myself. Through it all, my husband waited patiently for me to deliver on my promises, so I worried about the day he woke up and decided he just simply could. not. anymore. I decided to stop dismissing these concerns and start tackling them head-on even if I had no idea what I was doing. Things are good. I’m still really mad about what happened to me (there is a fantastic article illustrating the frustration vintage sellers experience written by the fab Rebekka Adams of Bloomers & Frocks here), but I’m getting over it one sale at a time. See you at Burlington!



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