Nothing Haunts UsSeveral months ago, I found a dress similar to the following 1940’s navy crepe. The one I saw was hunter green and, if I remember correctly, it had a peacock feather design in sort of a glittery glue on the front. You know the saying, “If it walks like a duck…”? Well, it looked like vintage, it (probably) smelled like vintage…and I wanted to buy it, but I walked away from it. Why? It was one of those days where I was shopping with my husband, we’d recently been bickering about the vintage I buy (and usually can’t part with) because I wasn’t working much (if at all at that point considering it was around the time we found out we were moving), the dress was in the Halloween section and that added to my skepticism (was it really vintage or did it just look like vintage?). Plus, peacock feathers had been popular in recent trends. I was unfamiliar with the dress’s fabric. It had no tags whatsoever, so I couldn’t cheat and look up its label or what material it was made from. I tried to guess its age by looking at the stitching, but what I really needed was another vintage fashion lover to give me their opinion. Since then, I have seen several dresses online that give me reason to think what I had in my hand that day was the real deal…and I hate myself a little more each time that happens. My only consolation is that, no matter what the dress cost (and I don’t remember for sure, but I bet it wasn’t much), I made the decision I did because I (a) wanted to keep the peace with my husband, (b) I don’t remember it being my size and I knew I wouldn’t get around to posting it for sale right away and (c) I really didn’t have the money to spend on frivolous things at the time. Now, before you start thinking my husband is a big bully, think again. When you’re married, you have to consider your partner’s opinion of your purchases – especialy when you’re the one who isn’t working. My husband is a pretty easy-going guy and, if I’d really wanted the dress, he wouldn’t have put up too much of a fight, but that’s not something I want to take advantage of. I push the limit pretty hard as it is!

Confession is good for the soul.

What do you regret not buying when you had the chance?

*Sigh* This dress is available for sale from AlitzaTrends.

This dress is available for sale from AlitzaTrends.

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