Four for Friday, #1

Puffin Biscuits Instagram with Words 2 and Logo_640I love Instagram.  I follow over a thousand people who, like me, have vintage and creative interests, want to sell the items they make or curate, reflect on activities of daily living, decorate their homes in interesting ways, eat all the things, have adorable pets and so on and so forth.

I am not alone in my use of ‘Four For Friday’.  There are several blogs that post with this tagline as a means of featuring the most popular ideas related to their page.  While I am sad not to be original in the concept, I thought ‘Four for Friday’ would be a fun way to bring who I follow on Instagram to the forefront of your imagination once a week.  So, in no particular order (thanks to… Let’s begin!

One: citygirlcountrydreams

Macey doesn’t have a description posted of her Instagram feed, but she posts some beautiful pictures of the vintage she sees and buys.  She has two precious cats and a great eye for vintage.  Check out her pictures from the World’s Longest Yard Sale (#wlys).

Two: mr_rhythm

mr_rhythm is a private Instagram user whom you have to request to follow.  He is a very talented pinstriper and his posts include lots of vintage vehicles, lowriders and details of his work.  He also posts some funny and sweet pictures of his lady and baby.  Proof that the tough can also be tender!

Three: vintagebyrd

Rebekah is an Instagrammer out of Portland, Oregon.  She has an Etsy shop and her posts have a very naturalist/boho quality to them.  There are lots of gauzy, well-composed photos to start you daydreaming in her feed (as well as two very cuddly cats).

Four: 1shotslinger

Devin is another pinstriper (as well as hand letterer, graphic designer and leather tooler!).  He recently completed work on the signage for Ollie’s Barber Shop here in Wash Park, Denver.  His posts contain lots of hot rods, art, vintage lettering, graphics, and logos to enjoy.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

– Mary Beth

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