“I Spy” Saturday, #5: Spooktacular Edition!

I love Halloween. It’s been my favorite holiday ever since I was a kid. To that measure, I wrote this week’s “I Spy” in favor of the creeptastic. Continue – if you dare!

1.James Dean_400

September 30th marked the 58th anniversary of the death of actor, James Dean. In 1960, the car Dean was driving at the time of his death (nicknamed “Little Bastard”) mysteriously disappeared on its tour around the country. Reportedly, “Little Bastard” is cursed, several claims of which have been corroborated. In 2005, the Volo Auto Museum of Volo, Illinois and George Barris (who purchased “Little Bastard” after Dean’s death), offered a $1 million reward to anyone who could prove they owned the remains of “Little Bastard’.  To date, no one has come forward to claim the money.


Image found here.

Image found here.

Last year, Wil Wheaton (Yes, *that* Wil Wheaton) posted links to some absolutely fantastic Halloween tunes. Like me, Wil remembers being a kid and hearing songs sung and stories told by people like Boris Karloff and Vincent Price this time of year. His recommendations bring back a lot of memories for me. Download these bone rattlers for yourself here.

3. Gorey Letter_400

My friend, Stacy, was at it again and discovered this post about never-before-seen letters and envelopes from Edward Gorey to his friend, Peter F. Neumeyer. I have enjoyed Edward Gorey’s dark humor and artwork ever since it first frightened me as a child watching Mystery! on PBS. Several years ago, I came across the website, Gorey Details. It’s a great website to shop for Gorey goods as well as other fun, creepy merchandise.


Large Marge 300

Photo courtesy of Google Images. Article courtesy of Inky Wine.

If you were scared of Large Marge as a kid, you will be happy to know she will not be able to send anyone to the Wheel Inn ever again. Sadly, the diner where Pee Wee found out he’d hitched a ride with an in charge spectre has closed. The nearby Claude Bell dinosaurs’ fate is still to be determined.

5. Frankenstein Pez_400

Vintage Toyz posted the above photo of Frankenstein and his matching 1960’s Frankenstein Pez dispenser and it reminded me of this photo:

Frankenstein Cookie 300

Image courtesy of this article featuring awesome behind the scenes photos from Frankenstein, 1931.

and several articles that were going around featuring behind the scenes photographs from horror movies.

6. Love Cats_400

This important reminder comes to you from Love Cats and Larisa of Scatterbugs Vintage. Please keep your black cat SAFE and INDOORS this time of year!


haunted dress 300

Image found here. Thanks to Larisa at Scatterbugs Vintage for the accompanying article!

Did you know that vintage dress you love might be infected by demons? Evidently, Pat Robertson does and urged followers of The 700 Club to pray over their thrift store purchases.  Hmm.  Could it be that those stains I soaked out were pea soup?

8. Cat Eyes_400I’ll leave you with this 1930’s “Cat Eyes” tutorial courtesy of World Pin-up and Very Sherri Vintage. Have a great weekend!

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