“I Spy” Saturday, #4

I’ll admit, this week’s “I Spy” is a bit phoned in (as evidenced by its lateness). but I’m not about excuses. I have only myself to blame.

That said, here we go!

I am a vintage kitchenwares nut and, as my knowledge of these items grows, it has been fun for me to notice some of the items I love in popular television shows and movies.

A few months back, I noticed Fire-King stackable mugs in the movie Dark Shadows (2012):

Dark Shadows

Picture courtesy of here.

Dark Shadows 2

Picture courtesy of here.

More recently, I have been watching old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and noticed a solitary Fire-King Jade-ite D handle mug in several episodes. Finding one of these in real life is a thrift goal of mine, so it is kind of maddening and amusing to see this one over and over.

Giles 1

Giles 2

“Oh, you want one of these mugs?”

"What -does- disappointment taste like?"

“Good luck with that.”

Giles 4

Even the Scooby Gang gets to use the mug. I must confess, it gnaws at me when Cordelia uses the mug.

I am not the only one with a keen eye. Evidently, someone else noticed the mug on Buffy and started a quest for one. Here is their find:

Jadite Mug


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