“I Spy” Saturday, #2

Preparations for today’s swap meet caused the week to fly by.  I managed to take a few notes though:

  • Did you know there are websites that can help you estimate the age of a vintage world globe? I used the Longwood site to estimate the age of two (one c. 1990, the other c. 1991/1993) globes I put in today’s sale that were similar to this Cram’s Imperial World Globe by RattyAndCatty on Etsy:rattyandcatty
  • I recently found a vintage Halloween decoration I recognized the style of, but the style name was unknown to me. A Google search led me to “popcorn plastic”Popcorn plastic was popular for decorations like the following in the 60’s and 70’s. I grew up in the 80’s, but I remember having some popcorn plastic decorations when I was little.

    My Halloween decoration find was a jack o' lantern just like this one. Image from link above.

    My Halloween decoration find was a jack o’ lantern just like this one. Image from link above.

  • 2013 marks the 30th Anniversary of Cabbage Patch Kids. In celebration, the Cabbage Patch Kids company has released a line of Limited Edition, 30th Birthday dolls.


    Image from the Cabbage Patch Kids website. I’m pretty sure I had one like this.

  • On Friday, my husband and I had the opportunity to go to Fort Collins, Colorado where I found two great vintage shops:
  1. Wear It Again, Sam. I had an enjoyable conversation with the woman working here on Friday about how people like us have trouble not taking the vintage clothing we find home, even if it’s not our size. I wish I had introduced myself because she was super nice. Wear It Again, Sam has a large, reasonably priced selection of vintage clothing and accessories displayed in clever, accessible ways. Being able to move around in a vintage shop is a treat because who hasn’t been in an over-crowded vintage clothing store? WIASam also offers costume rentals.Wear It_400
  2. Little Boxes Vintage. This small-scale shop is full of quality vintage items. Many of the items have a masculine appeal, but a woman need not feel left out. Especially, if that woman likes Pyrex and vintage advertising (as I do). Jimmy, the owner, is fun to talk to and from my home state of Kentucky. I’m happy to know a vintage store I won’t have to drag my husband to!

    Jimmy, owner of Little Boxes Vintage

    Jimmy, owner of Little Boxes Vintage

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